Los Angeles, 1983.


Interfacing humanity, representing every race, color, creed and persuasion. That God, no matter how he is worshipped, chose, in His infinite wisdom, to deposit here in the cultural nexus of the Pacific Rim.  


Almost 4 million people work and play here and like any other place anywhere, there are those who have it and those who want it. Those who have it, enjoy it no matter how they got it.


Those who want it can get it by attempting to better themselves in a sympathetic community populated by decent citizens cheering them on or they can try to take it the easy way. Because even in the City of Angels, from time to time, some halos slip.


And then there are the things that never had them, or traded them in for horns and a forked tail.  The things that hide from the harsh light of day, that are only men when they want to be…things that make kingdoms of nightmares and corpses.


That’s where I come in.


My name is Lori Callamezzo, I’m a reporter for the Midnight Sun.  If you creep through the Night, I’m bringing you into the light.

The City of Angels

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