Lori Callamezzo

Tabloid Journalist in Search of the Truth


Virtue: Ambitious (She’s going to find the truth, no matter what)
Vice: Hasty (But her zeal leads to her jumping the gun.)
Mental Attributes: Intelligence ••, Wits •••, Resolve •••
Physical Attributes: Strength ••, Dexterity ••, Stamina ••
Social Attributes: Presence ••, Manipulation ••, Composure •••
Mental Skills: Academics (Research) ••, Investigation (The Supernatural) •••, Occult •••
Physical Skills: Brawl •, Larceny •, Stealth (Shadowing) ••
Social Skills: Empathy •••, Expression (Journalism) ••, Intimidation •, Persuasion ••, Streetwise ••, Subterfuge (Lies) •
Merits: Area of Expertise (the Supernatural) •, Contacts (Academia, Police), Defensive Combat (Brawl) •, Eye for the Strange ••, Investigative Prodigy •, Library (The Supernatural) ••, Omen Sensitivity •••, Professional Training (Occult Journalist) ••••, Pusher •, Resources ••, Trained Observer •••
Health: 7
Willpower: 6
Integrity: 7
Size: 5
Speed: 9
Defense: 3
Initiative: 5

Long Term Aspiration:

Breaking Points:
• Putting someone in danger.
• Putting information before someone’s wellbeing.
• Information I Possess putting me in danger.
• Losing Time, or becoming confused.
• Surviving something in which others died.


I knowingly put someone in danger to get a story.

Use someone as bait if it means learning the truth.

Torturing someone for information.

There was a fire in my dorm in college, but I still have nightmares of those girls’ bodies ripped to ribbons and terrible red eyes.

I’m told I survived the dorm-fire unscathed. When anyone asks about it I can’t help but break down because I have no memory of it.

Lori Callamezzo

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